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Analytics on Store, Products and Customers. Insights on Footfall, Dwell-Time and Path.


In a supermarket, the manager felt that he had many customers but he did not make enough revenue.


She was not able to analyze the reason behind it and she wasn’t sure about her assumption.


When she opted to install our system, she was able to keep exact track of how many customers visit her store and how much time they spend in the store. Through our dashboard, she was able to understand that only during the afternoon there is a huge crowd of customers but they all leave the store because of the lengthy queue. However, the rest of the day there are fewer customers in the store. She also noticed that the products which sell the most are not even looked upon by customers in that region. She then changed the shifts of certain staff to work on afternoon shifts and she kept fewer employees during other shifts. She also placed the trending products in a region that is easily accessible by the customers.


Now she was able to make a huge profit by engaging customers, at the right time and right region in her supermarket.